Retirement Mis-Calculator

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The Mis-Calculator

Your current age:


At what age you wish to retire?


Your current monthly expenses:

Assumed inflation rate:


Monthly amount which you can keep aside towards retirement:

Your current networth:

Expected return on investments, before retirement:


Expected return on investments, after retirement:


Life expectancy:


The Results

Number of years left to retire:

30 Yrs.

Your inflation adjusted monthly expenses on retirement:


Your targeted net-worth (needed to retire) at retirement (X) :


Monthly amount kept aside towards retirement, will grow to (A) :


Your current net-worth will grow to (B) :


Total net-worth on retirement (A + B = Y) :


Shortfall in networth (X - Y):


To cover the shortfall:

Either make a Lumpsum investment now:



Save additional amount per month from now till retirement:


Thank you for your time and for using our retirement calculator. We however wish to tell you that we don’t recommend using these. ☹

Why don’t we recommend?

1. Too simplistic an approach to plan for something which is complex and has many more dimensions to it.

2. It assumes a linear return graph. Which as we all know will not be the case and you will be tested along the way. The calculator does not factor how you would behave in those downturns / bear markets.

3. Piecemeal approach to solving just one aspect of your life. Surely a very important one. But it ignores the fact that you are not retiring today. What about the funds you need to provide for, from now till retirement? All the interim goals you need to save & plan for. Retirement cannot be seen in isolation.

Why would we have even made this, then?

  1. There are many similar retirement calculators out there – which like the one we have made, are too simplistic and follow a piecemeal approach.
  2. Now we felt we have a better chance of demonstrating the gap in such calculators if we were to make one.

How else should one plan for retirement?

Please try the guest version of our Risk Assessment Tool – which is a risk profiler, financial planner, retirement planner, all rolled-into-one. The drawback of this tool is that it requires you to invest around 20-30 minutes. However, retirement is a very important and a complex aspect of your life, which require an investment of time. The Risk Tool follows a holistic approach and captures all the necessary dimensions, including the risk factors.